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Why Organic?

By undergroundorchid | October 25, 2017
Did you know the type of clothing you wear can impact your mental and physical wellbeing and health?
I bet you thinking, well it’s just clothing how could it possibly affect my physical wellbeing and health?! It’s because the type of clothing you wear can have a very big impact in the way your body will function and an even bigger impact on the environment.
Try wearing raw organic cotton from head to toe including your inner garments for a week and see how your body will feel.
After doing this, then wear something synthetic and tight and see the difference. There will be a big difference in your level of comfort especially when it comes to the skin being able to breathe. So, let’s take a look at the advantages that come with organic clothing over cheap alternatives

The benefit to the environment

– you might not know this but the standard cotton industries during the growing process use up to around ten percent of pesticides and twenty percent of insecticides used across the world.
Cotton crops are affected by plenty of pests and diseases over time,  that include southern bight, bollworm, anthracnose, bacterial blight, powdery mildew, boll rot, terminal stunt, whitefly, lint contamination, leaf crumple, leaf spot, tropical cotton rust, blue diseases, leaf curl, small leaf, pylori’s etc.
Out of all crops, cotton is ranked as the most largely fertilized!
This extravagant applying of chemicals to the cotton has brought about a lot of pollution to the environment.
Organic cotton, on the other hand, has been grown by using organic means which don’t use any pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers, therefore, help in improving the condition of the land and conserving biodiversity while preventing water contamination.
It is also important to note that toxic pesticides and washing clothes made from synthetic fibres for example spandex, nylon, polyester, acrylic, PVC and fleece release a few thousand to several hundred thousand microfibers per wash! Into our rivers, seas, oceans and also lakes.

Consumer benefits

– manufacturers who produce organic clothing have been advertising that the clothing is the best to wear especially when it comes to babies and fortunately many parents and other consumers have agreed.
Natural cotton is the best for a developing baby and it is believed to be so soft than the other type of clothing. Since manufacturing of the natural cotton doesn’t involve use of chemicals, this means that there are no allergies. It also lowers the risk of getting any respiratory health problems.

Better health for farmers

– conventional cotton production leads to various health problems as well as poisoning for the farmers. This poisoning is due to the chemical pesticides and insecticides is so huge that thousands of low-class farmers end up losing a lot. Natural cotton manufacturing will ensure a healthy and comfortable life for their families and the farmers too.
Prevention of suicides – when the crops keep on failing on the farm with no luck, the farmers fall into major debts that they are not able to pay because the running costs become very high.
For example, in India, farmers have been taking their own lives, when this type of problem becomes too major to handle, costs from the organic production may lower with time and help the farmers to settle their debts even after the crops fail to produce thereby preventing farmers from going into extreme measure like taking their own lives.

Kind to your bank account

– when it comes to buying baby stuff, it can be a pretty expensive process which is why you may find a lot of people putting off buying organic stuff. Buying organic cotton clothing for your baby especially is much cheaper than going the other way and this goes down to the chemicals that are used.
Natural cotton is normally very strong compared to the conventional cotton clothing and this is mainly because it has not been beat up by a deluge of toxic chemicals. Organic cotton can be in fact washed plenty of times more than the conventional one before it starts breaking down which also means less time and money for replacements. So, since its durable and strong, your clothes will last long and also save you plenty of cash in the long run.

Helps us become better citizens

– organic cotton clothing enables us to become responsible citizens that are fully aware of each other’s responsibility to help in preserving the environment and making it a better place to leave. It will be a reminder to every one of us that natural is way healthier and costs less in the long term.
The benefits that come with wearing organic cotton clothing can’t be measured by only looking at it in terms of currency and quantity but the idea that everyone is comfortable and safe when wearing organic clothes. Why not make the big switch and see why everyone says that its better.
You may not have realized it at first but cotton is one of the most popular fabric in every part of the world and accounts for more than half of the fibre needs throughout the world.
So as to keep the demand growing, cotton growers have resorted to artificial means and also excessive use of insecticides and pesticides to make it grow faster.
The products made from this type tend to have a large number of chemicals which cause allergic reactions to the consumer.
Several consumers have become more aware of these problems and thus more attention to the environmental problems which lead to the popularity and production of the organic materials.
 With all these in mind, you can now be able to learn and see what you have been missing in your life. Save your life and others.